::The Moths Of Borneo::

Volume 14

The Euteliinae, Stictopterinae and Plusiinae are clearly defined sub- families within the family Noctuidae; the subfamily Pantheinae is probably polyphyletic. Bornean representation of each is 73, 89, 15 and 3 species respectively. All these species are illustrated in colour and there are half-tones of most male genitalia and many female genitalia. The characteristics of each subfamily are discussed and for the Stictopterinae an attempt is made to assess the relationships of the genera; each introductory section also includes a review of host-plant preferences and zoogeography. For each species a diagnosis and the geographical range are given and, where known, details of habitat preference and biology. In many instances detailed revisional notes are also presented, several involving species complexes widespread in the Indo-Australian tropics; particular reference is made to the complex of mango pests in Chlumetia.

Summary lists are given of the new taxa described (4 genera, 57 species and 6 subspecies) as well as of numerous other taxonomic changes resulting from the extensive revisional work that was called for in the Euteliinae and Stictopterinae. A checklist of all Bornean taxa is presented at the end.

Publication date: 1985
Ref : Malayan Nature Journal 38: 157 - 317

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