This checklist includes all known Bornean species giving the page number on which a fuller account can be found, a broad categorisation of the type of geographical distribution and Bornean habitat preference.

In the geographical distribution the term Wallacea indicates the presence of the species in Sulawesi and the Philippines,
*means shared with Sumatra only and **means shared with Peninsular Malaysia only. The suggested habitat preference is bracketed if based on less than five specimens. The categories 'Radio Sabah' and 'Summit' refer to zones on G. Kinabalu above upper montane recognised by Holloway (1970).


Agrotis ipsilon Hufnagel. Cosmopolitan except high latitudes. Montane, open habitats.
Agrotis kinabaluensis
Holloway. Endemic to Kinabalu. Upper montane, Radio Sabah.
Ochropleura costalis
Moore. N.E. Himalaya, Borneo.
Xestia isolata
Holloway. Endemic to Kinabalu. Radio Sabah.
Diarsia flavostigma
Holloway. ?Endemic. Radio Sabah.
Diarsia nigrosigna
Moore. N.E. Himalaya to Wallacea. Upper montane to Radio Sabah.
Diarsia stictica
Poujade. India, W. China, Borneo. Radio Sabah.
Diarsia borneochracea sp. n. Endemic. Upper montane to Radio Sabah.
Diarsia serrata Holloway. Endemic to Kinabalu. (Radio Sabah).
Diarsia banksi Holloway. Endemic to Kinabalu. Radio Sabah.
Diarsia barlowi Holloway. Endemic to Kinabalu. Summit.


Helicoverpa armigera Hubner. Old World tropics and subtropics. (Cultivation). 
Helicoverpa assulta Guenee. Old World tropics. (Cultivation).


Bornolis kamburonga Holloway. Endemic. Upper montane.
Dictyestra dissectus
Walker. India and Japan to New Guinea. Upper montane.
Apospasta luminosa
Wileman & South. Luzon, Borneo. Radio Sabah.
Apospasta nyei
Holloway. Endemic. Upper montane, Radio Sabah.
Mythimna (Aletia) reversa
Moore. India to New Guinea, Queensland. (Montane, cultivated).
Mythimna (Aletia) formosana
Butler. Oriental tropics, Queensland. Upper montane.
Mythimna (Aletia) aroroyensis
Calora. Sundaland to Fiji, New Caledonia. (Lowland).
Mythimna (Aletia) exsanguis
Guenee. Oriental tropics. (Lowland).
Mythimna (Aletia) decississima
Walker. Oriental tropics to S. Moluccas. Lowland, open habitats, (upper montane).
Mythimna (Aletia) calorai
sp. n. Endemic. (Lowland to lower montane, open habitats).
Mythimna (Aletia) albomarginata
Wileman & South. Philippines, Borneo, Java. (Upper montane).
Mythimna (Aletia) radiata
Bremer. Oriental tropics and subtropics. Montane, cultivated areas.
Mythimna (Pseudaletia) separata
Walker. Indo-Australian tropics and subtropics. (Radio Sabah).
Mythimna (Pseudaletia) albicosta
Moore. Oriental tropics. Radio Sabah.
Mythimna (Acantholeucania) loreyi
Duponchel.  Old World tropics and sub tropics. (Upper montane).
Mythimna (Acantholeucania) yu
Guenee. Indo-Australian tropics. Lowland to lower montane, open habitats.
Mythimna (Leucania) venalba
Moore. Indo-Australian tropics. (Radio Sabah).
Mythimna (Leucania) irregularis
Walker. Indo-Australian tropics.
Mythimna (Leucania) roseilinea
Walker. Burma to New Guinea. Lowland, open habitats.
Mythimna (Leucania) nabalua
Holloway. Borneo, Philippines. Lowland to lower montane, open habitats.
Mythimna (Leucania) simillima
Walker. Borneo, Bali, Wallacea, China, Japan. (?Lowland).
Tiracola plagiata
Walker. Indo-Australian tropics. Lowland, (open habitats).
Tiracola aureata
sp. n. N.E. Himalaya to New Guinea. Lowland to upper montane.
Elusa ceneusalis
Walker. Sundaland to Bismarcks. Lowland.
Elusa penanorum
sp. n. Endemic. Lowland forest.
Elusa simplex
Warren. Endemic. (?Montane).
Elusa puncticeps
Walker. Endemic. (Lowland forest).
Elusa diloba
Hampson. Endemic. (Lowland forest).
Elusa ustula
Hampson. Sundaland** (Lowland forest).
Elusa cyathicornis
Walker. Endemic. (Lowland).
Elusa mediorufa
Hampson. Endemic.
Elusa temburong
sp. n. Endemic. (Lowland forest).


Acronicta pruinosa Guenee. Oriental tropics to New Guinea. (Lower montane).
Acronicta rubiginosa
Walker. Sundaland. (Lowland), Lower and upper montane.
Craniophora malesiae
sp. n. N.E. Himalaya to Bismarcks. (Lowland to) upper montane.
Thalatha sinens
Walker. India to Sundaland. (Lowland to lower montane).
Thalathoides conjecturalis
Swinhoe. Indian Subregion, Borneo, Sulawesi. (Lowland to lower montane).
Thalathoides curtalis
sp. n. Sundaland*. Lowland, (upper montane).
Platyprosopa nigrostrigata
Bethune-Baker. Sundaland to Bismarcks. (Lower montane).


Apamea sodalis Butler. N.E. Himalaya to Japan, Luzon, Borneo. (Radio Sabah).
Actinotia australis
sp. n. Borneo, Sulawesi. Upper montane.
Checupa curvivena
Prout. Sundaland, Wallacea. (Lowland), upper montane.
Feliniopsis nabalua
Holloway. Endemic. Upper montane.
Phlogophora nigroplumbea
Warren. Borneo, Java, Luzon. upper montane.
Phlogophora styx
Holloway. Endemic. Radio Sabah.
Phlogophora isoscelata
Prout. Endemic. Upper montane.
Phlogophora kinabalua
Holloway. Endemic. (Upper montane).
Phlogophora muluensis
sp. n. Endemic. (Upper montane).
Phlogophora lignosa
Holloway. Endemic. (Upper montane).
Phlogophora discalis
Warren. Java, Borneo. Upper montane.
Phlogophora emphanes
Prout. Endemic. Upper montane.
Phlogophora triangula
Holloway. Endemic. (Upper montane).
Phlogophora magma
Holloway. Endemic. (Upper montane).
Phlogophora viridivena
Holloway. Endemic. (Radio Sabah).
Phlogophora contrasta
Holloway. Endemic. Upper montane.
Euplexidia albiguttata
Warren. Endemic. Upper montane.
Xenotrachea albidisca
Moore. India to Taiwan and Vietnam, Borneo. (Lowland) to upper montane.
Xenotrachea leucopera
Hampson. Sundaland *. (Lowland to lower montane).
Prometopus albistigma
Swinhoe. Sundaland. (Lowland) to upper montane.
Prometopus asahina
Kobes. Sundaland*. (Lowland).
Yula muscosa
Hampson. India, Sundaland. (Lowland to upper montane).
Sesamia inferens
Walker. Indo-Australian tropics. Lowland to lower montane; open habitats.
Sesamia submarginalis
Hampson. India, Borneo, Java, Sulawesi (Open area, 1000m).
Spodoptera mauritia
Boisduval. Indian Ocean, Indo-Australian and Pacific tropics. Lowland open habitats.
Spodoptera pecten
Guenee. Indo-Australian tropics. Lowland open habitats.
Spodoptera cilium
Guenee. Old World tropics. Lowland open habitats.
Spodoptera pectinicornis
Hampson. N.E. Himalaya to Sundaland, New Guinea. (Lowland, sluggish waterways).
Spodoptera apertura
Walker. Old World tropics.
Spodoptera exempta
Walker. Old World tropics.
Spodoptera litura
Fabricius. Indo-Australian and Pacific tropics and subtropics. Lowland open habitats.
Spodoptera picta
Guerin-Meneville. Indo-Australian tropics. (Coastal?).
Athetis reclusa
Walker. Sundaland to Fiji. (Lowland to lower montane, open habitats).
Athetis bipuncta
Snellen. Indian Subregion to New Guinea. (Lower montane, upper montane, open habitats).
Athetis bimacula
Walker. Sundaland. (Lowland).
Athetis thoracica
Butler. Indo-Australian and Pacific tropics. Lowland to montane, open habitats.
Athetis nonagrica
Walker. Sundaland**, Sulawesi, New Guinea. Lowland to upper montane, open habitats.
Paradiopa parthenia
Prout. Endemic. (Upper montane).
Paradiopa albidisca
Holloway. Endemic. (Upper montane).
Sasunaga tenebrosa
Moore. Oriental tropics. Lowland to upper montane.
Sasunaga longiplaga
Warren. N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland. Lowland to upper montane.
Sasunaga interrupta
Warren. Sundaland, S. Moluccas, New Guinea. Upper montane.
Sasunaga leucorina
Hampson. Sundaland to New Guinea. (Lowland to) upper montane.
Stenopterygia calida
Walker. Sundaland**. Lowland to upper montane.
Stenopterygia khasiana
Hampson. N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland**.
Ancara replicans
Walker. Sundaland. Lowland to upper montane.
Ancara obliterans
Walker. N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland. Lowland to upper montane.
Dipterygina vagivitta
Walker. Endemic. (Lowland to lower montane).
Dipterygina dorsipallens
Holloway. Endemic. (Lowland to upper montane).
Dipterygina major
sp. n. Endemic. (Lowland to upper montane).
Yepcalphis dilectissima
Walker. Oriental tropics. Lowland.
Clethrorasa pilcheri
Hampson. N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland**. (Lower montane).
Clethrorasa micropuncta
sp. n. Sundaland*. (Lowland to lower montane).
Corythurus nocturnus
Hampson. Sri Lanka, Borneo. Lowland to upper montane.
Apsarasa radians
Westwood. Oriental tropics. Lowland (to lower montane).
Callopistria albistriga
Walker. Sundaland. Lowland.
Callopistria concinna
Prout. Endemic. (Upper montane).
Callopistria apicalis
. Oriental tropics to Sundaland. ? Lowland.
Callopistria obliterata
Warren. Sundaland**, Sulawesi. Lowland.
Callopistria thalpophiloides
Walker. Oriental tropics, New Guinea. (Lowland, upper montane).
Callopistria callopistrioides
Moore. Oriental tropics. (Lowland).
Callopistria variegata
Swinhoe. N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland. (Lowland).
Callopistria manta
Swinhoe. Sundaland
**. Lowland.
Callopistria alfredi sp. n. Endemic. (?Lowland).
Callopistria quadrinotata
Walker. Sundaland. (Lowland).
Callopistria guttulalis
Hampson. Indian Subregion, Taiwan, Philippines, Borneo. (Lower montane).
Callopistria repleta
. Indian to Japan, Sundaland. (Upper montane).
Callopistria ludovici
Prout. Sundaland to Moluccas. (Lowland).
Callopistria emiliusalis
Walker. Sundaland. Lowland, open or disturbed habitats.
Callopistria ventralis
Walker. Sundaland. Lowland to lower montane, disturbed habitats.
Callopistria albipunctalis
sp. n. Sundaland*. Lowland.
Callopistria wallacei
Felder. Sundaland**. (Lowland, upper montane).
Callopistria scriptiplena
Walker. Sundaland
**. (Lowland).
Callopistria maillardi
Guenee. Old World tropics. Lowland, disturbed, secondary vegetation.
Callopistria exotica
Guenee. Oriental tropics. Lowland (coastal, alluvial forests). 
Callopistria rivularis
Walker. Indo-Australian tropics. (Lowland), lower montane,
open habitats.
Callopistria placodoides
. Indo-Australian tropics. Lowland. 
Callopistria trilineata
Walker. Sundaland to New Guinea. (Lowland to lower
montane, disturbed habitats).
Callopistria pulchrilinea
Walker. Indo-Australian tropics. Lowland to upper montane.
Callopistria montana
Holloway. Endemic. Upper montane.
Iambia tessellata
Prout. Sundaland
**. Sulawesi. (Lowland to upper montane). 
Iambia lyricalis
sp. n. Sundaland**. Lowland, (lower montane). 
Aeologramma picatum
Butler. Endemic. (Lowland, lower montane). 
Aeologramma decolorata
sp. n.. Endemic. (Lowland, lower montane). 
Aeologramma albiscripta
Hampson. Sri Lanka, S. India, Japan, Borneo. (Low land, lower montane).
Eulep niveigutta Walker. Endemic. Lowland.
Eulepa altigutta
sp. n. Sundaland*. Lower montane.
Eulepa chlorocroa
Hampson. N.E' Himalaya, Sundaland. (Lowland, upper montane).
Eulepa fusimacula
sp. n.  Endemic. Lowland.
Eulepa gilvithorax
Prout. Sundaland
*. (Upper montane).
Borbotana nivifascia
Walker. Indo-Australian tropics. Lowland, especially open habitats.
Condica illecta
Walker. Indo-Australian and Pacific tropics. Lowland to upper montane, open habitats.
Condica aroana
Bethune-Baker. Indo-Australian tropics. Lowland to lower montane, open habitats.
Condica dolorosa
Walker. Indo-Australian tropics. (Lower montane, open habitats).
Condica albigutta
Wileman. N.E. Himalaya, Taiwan, Sundaland
*. (Lower montane, open habitats).
Dyrzela plagiata
Walker. Indo-Australian tropics. Lowland to upper montane.
Dyrzela roseata
sp. n. Endemic. (Lowland).
Dyrzela castanea
Warren. Sundaland**. (Lowland).
Dyrzela tumidimacula
Warren. Sundaland. (Lowland to upper montane).
Dyrzela incrassata
Walker. ?Endemic. Lowland to upper montane.
Dyrzela increnulata
Warren. Burma, Sundaland, Philippines. Lowland to upper montane.
Dyrzela boscoides
sp. n. Endemic. Upper montane.
Dyrzela violacea
sp. n.  Endemic. (Upper montane).
Chasmina candida
Walker. Indo-Australian tropics. (Lowland).
Chasmina coremata
sp. n. Endemic. (Lowland).
Chasmina sundana
sp. n.. Sundaland. Lowland to upper montane.
Mudaria major
Warren. N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland
**, Sulawesi. Lowland to upper montane.
Mudaria tayi
Holloway. Sundaland
*. Lowland (to montane).
Mudaria magniplaga
Walker. Endemic. Lowland (?upper montane).
Mudaria turbata
Walker. N.E. Himalaya, Burma, Borneo. (Lowland).
Mudaria luteileprosa
sp. n. Endemic. (Lowland).
Mudaria minoroides
sp. n.  Endemic. (Lowland to montane).
Lignispalta incertissima
Bethune-Baker. Sundaland to New Guinea, Queensland. Lowland to upper montane.
Lignispalta diversisigna
Prout. Sundaland. (Upper montane).
Lignispalta viridaria
Swinhoe. Sundaland
**. (Upper montane).
malayica Snellen. N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland. (Lowland).
Bagada api
sp. n. Sundaland
**. (Lowland, lower montane, limestone).
Bagada labi sp. n. Borneo, Java. Lowland.
Bagada lignigera
Walker. Sundaland
**. (Lowland to upper montane).
Bagada poliomera
Hampson. N.E. Himalaya, Hainan, Sundaland
*. (Upper montane).
Xylostola indistincta
Moore. Indo-Australian tropics to New Guinea. (Lower montane, cultivation and forest).

"Euplexia" monilis
Moore. N.E. Himalaya, Borneo. (Upper montane)


Episteme vetula Geyer. N.E. Himalaya to Sundaland.
Episteme conspicua
Rothschild. Endemic. (Upper montane).
Scrobigera hesperioides
Walker. Endemic. Lowland.
Scrobigera niveifasciata
Rothschild. Endemic.
Longicella mollis
Walker. S.E. Asia, Sundaland. Lowland.
Mimeusemia postica
Walker. S.E. Asia, Sundaland. Lowland.
Mimeusemia perakana
Rothschild. Sundaland, Philippines. (Lowland).
Mimeusemia vittata
Butler. Sundaland. (Upper montane).
Ophthalmis lincea
Cramer. ?N. Borneo, Philippines to Moluccas and Solomons.
Ophthalmis milete
Cramer. Sundaland, Sulawesi, S. Moluccas. (Lowland).
Crinocula kinabaluensis
Rothschild. Endemic.
Sarbanissa catacoloides
Walker. N.E. Himalaya to Sundaland, Lombok.
Sarbanissa transiens
Walker. N.E. Himalaya to Sundaland. Lowland to lower montane.
Sarbanissa sundana
Holloway. Sundaland. Lowland

To NOTODONTIDAE (1 species)

Sphetta bornea sp. n. Endemic. (Lowland to upper montane).

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