This checklist includes all known Bornean species, giving the page number on which a fuller account can be found, a broad categorisation of the type of geographical distribution and Bornean habitat preference.

In the geographical distribution the term Wallacea indicates the presence of the species in Sulawesi and the Philippines,
*means shared with Sumatra only and **means shared with Peninsular Malaysia only. The suggested habitat preference is bracketed if based on less than five specimens.


Amata wallacei Moore. Sundaland. Lowland.
Amata elisoides sp. n. Endemic. Lowland.
Amata elisa Butler. Endemic. Lowland.
Amata cinctelisa sp. n. Endemic. (?Montane).
Amata megista Hampson. Endemic (Kinabalu only).
Amata brooksi sp. n.  Endemic. (Lowland).
Amata derivata Walker. Sundaland. (Lowland).
Amata apicelisa sp. n. Endemic. (Lowland).
Amata stellaris Snellen. Endemic. (Lowland).
Amata flavibrooksi sp. n. Endemic. (Lowland).

Amata pleurosticta
Hampson. Endemic. Lowland.
Amata egenaria
Walker. Endemic. Lowland.
Amata dilatata
Snellen. Sundaland. (?Lowland).
Amata borneogena
Obraztsov. Endemic.
Amata tetragonaria
Walker. Endemic. Lowland, heath forest.
Amata prepuncta
sp. n.  Endemic. Lowland.
Amata macroflavifer
sp. n. Endemic. (Lowland to (montane?)).
Amata teinopera
Hampson. Endemic. (Kinabalu only).
Amata kinensis
Hampson. Endemic. (Kinabalu only).
Amata pseudextensa
Rothschild. Endemic. (Kinabalu only).
Amata trifascia
Holloway. Endemic. (Kinabalu only). (Upper montane).
Amata vicarians
sp. n. Endemic with montane races. Upper montane.
Amata mjobergi
Talbot. Endemic (G. Murud only). Montane.
Amata elongimacula
Hampson. Endemic (Pulo Laut only). Lowland.
Amata expandens
Walker. Sundaland. (?Lowland).
Amata decorata
Walker. Endemic (?Lowland).
Amata exapta
Swinhoe. Java, Lesser Sundas, Pulo Laut. Lowland.
Amata cantori
Moore. Sundaland**.
Amata pryeri
Hampson. Borneo, Java. (?Lowland).
Amata symphona
Swinhoe. Endemic. (Lowland).
Amata huebneri
Boisduval. Indo-Australian tropics. (Lowland).
Streptophlebia obliquistria
Hampson. Endemic (Kinabalu only).
Trichaetoides separabilis
Walker. Endemic. Lowland.
Trichaetoides divisura
Walker. Sundaland*. (?Lowland).
Trichaetoides borealis
Rothschild. Endemic. Lowland (heath forest).
Trichaetoides chloroleuca
Walker. Sundaland. (Lowland).
Trichaetoides hosei
Rothschild. Endemic. (Montane).
Trichaetoides albiplaga
Walker. Sundaland**, Thailand.
Trichaetoides apicalis
Walker. Sundaland*.
Eressa semifusca
Hampson. Sundaland** (Lowland).
Eressa vespina
Rothschild. Endemic. (Lowland).
Caeneressa diaphana
Kollar. Oriental tropics to Sundaland. (Montane).
Caeneressa brithyris
Druce. Sundaland*. (?Lowland).
Caeneressa robusta
Holloway. Endemic. (Kinabalu only). (Upper montane).
Caeneressa marcescoides
sp. n. Endemic. (Lowland).
Caeneressa longipennis
Walker. Endemic. (Lowland).
Caeneressa leucozona
Hampson. Endemic. (Lowland).
Caeneressa syntomoides
Rothschild. Endemic. (Lowland).
Caeneressa annosa
Walker. Sundaland. (Lowland).
Caeneressa everetti
Rothschild. Endemic. (Lowland).
Caeneressa sexpuncta
Rothschild. Endemic. (Lowland).
Caeneressa lutosa
Holloway. Endemic. (Montane).
Syntomoides imaon
Cramer. Oriental tropics to Sundaland. (Lowland).
Auriculoceryx transitiva
Walker. Endemic. (Lowland).
Auriculoceryx pterodactyliformis
Holloway. Endemic. Lowland (to upper montane).


Euchromia elegantissima Wallengren. Oriental tropics to Sundaland, Philippines (Lowland).
Euchromia horsfieldi Moore. Sundaland, Lesser Sundas. Lowland.


Spilosoma ericsoni Semper. Endemic. Upper montane, (lowland).
Spilosoma rubriventris
Talbot. Endemic. Upper montane.
Spilosoma groganae
Holloway. Endemic. Lower to upper montane.
Spilosoma hosei
Rothschild. Endemic. Lowland.
Spilosoma thomasi
sp. n. Endemic. Lower to upper montane.
Spilosoma borneensis
Rothschild. Endemic. (Lower to upper montane).
Spilosoma strigatula
Walker. Sundaland. Lowland.
Spilosoma griseabrunnea
Holloway. Endemic. Lowland; open habitats.
Spilosoma hypogopa
Hampson. Sundaland. Lowland.
Spilosoma vandepolli
Rothschild. Sundaland. (Lowland).
Lemyra ypsilon
Rothschild. Sundaland. (Lowland) to lower montane.
Lemyra bornemontana
sp. n. Endemic. Upper montane.
Areas galactina
Hoeven. Oriental tropics to Sundaland. (Montane).
Aethalida borneana
sp. n. Endemic. Lowland (to montane).
Creatonotos transiens
Walker. Oriental tropics. Lowland, open habitats.
Argina astrea
Drury. Indo-Australian tropics. Lowland, open habitats.
Utetheisa pulchelloides
Hampson. Indo-Australian tropics. Lowland, open habitats.
(Utetheisa lotrix Cramer. Old World tropics. To be confirmed for Borneo).

Utetheisa abraxoides
Walker. Endemic. Lowland to upper montane.
Baroa siamica
Hampson. Thailand, Sundaland, Philippines. (Lowland), lower and upper montane.
Tinoliodes dehanna
Pagenstecher. Sundaland. lowland to (lower montane).
Amerila astreus
Drury. Oriental Region to New Guinea. Lowland to upper montane.
Amerila omissa
Rothschild. N.E. Himalaya, Borneo. (Lowland), lower to upper montane.
Pareuchaetes pseudoinsulata
Rego Barros. S. America, introduced. Lowlands, weedy habitats.
Nyctemera lacticinia
Cramer. Oriental Region to Sundaland. (Montane).
Nyctemera baulus
Boisduval. Sundaland to Samoa. Lowland to lower montane, open habitats.
Nyctemera sonticum
Swinhoe. Philippines, N. Borneo. (?Lowland).
Nyctemera pagenstecheri
Pagenstecher. Lesser Sundas, Pulo Laut. (Lowland).
Nyctemera latistriga
Walker. Oriental tropics to Philippines, Lombok. Lowlands to (lower montane), open habitats.
Nyctemera ludekingii
Vollenhoven. Sundaland*. Montane.
Nyctemera adversata
Schaller. Himalaya, eastern Oriental Region to Sundaland. Lowland to lower montane, open and secondary habitats.
Nyctemera regularis
Snellen. Sundaland*. Lowland to lower montane, open habitats.
Nyctemera tripunctaria
Linnaeus. S.E. Asia to Wallacea. (Lowland, open habitats).
Nyctemera kiauensis
Holloway. Endemic. (Lower montane).
Nyctemera tenompoka
sp. n. Endemic. (Lower montane).
Nyctemera kinibalina
Snellen. Endemic. Upper montane.
Nyctemera calcicola
sp. n. Endemic. Upper montane.
Nyctemera coleta
Stoll. Oriental Region east to New Guinea. Lowland to lower montane.
Nyctemera muelleri
Vollenhoven. Sundaland. Lowland to upper montane.
Nyctemera kinabaluensis
Reich. Endemic (Kinabalu). Lower to upper montane.
Nyctemera montana
Holloway. Endemic (Kinabalu). Upper montane.


Camptoloma mirabilis Roepke. Sundaland. (Montane).


Agape chloropyga Walker. Sundaland to New Guinea, Queensland. Lowland (to lower montane).
Peridrome orbicularis
Walker. N.E. Himalaya to Sundaland, Lesser Sundas. (Lowland).

Euplocia membliaria
Cramer. N.E. Himalaya to Weber's Line (Lowland).
Neochera dominia
Cramer. Indo-Australian tropics. (Lowland).
Neochera marmorea
Walker. N.E. India, Sundaland. Lowland (to upper montane).
Neochera inops
Walker. N.E. Himalaya to Sundaland. (Lowland).
Neochera privata
Walker. Andamans, Sundaland, Lesser Sundas. (Lowland).
Asota kinabaluensis
Rothschild. Endemic. (Lower to) upper montane.
Asota heliconia
Linnaeus. Indo-Australian tropics. Lowland (to upper montane); disturbed habitats.
Asota plana
Walker. Oriental tropics east to New Guinea. (Lowland to upper montane).
Asota albiformis
Swinhoe. Borneo, Wallacea, Molucca. Upper montane.
Asota paphos
Fabricius. N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland. Lowland.
Asota egens
Walker. Oriental Region east to New Guinea. Lowland (to upper montane), secondary forest.
Asota caricae
Fabricius. Indo-Australian tropics. Lowland, including open habitats.
Asota producta
Butler. Indian Subregion to Sundaland. (Lowland, upper montane).
Asota javana
Cramer. Sundaland, Wallacea. Lowland to lower montane.

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