This checklist includes all known Bornean species, giving a broad categorisation of the type of geographical distribution and Bornean habitat preference.

In the geographical distribution the term Wallacea indicates the presence of the species in Sulawesi and the Philippines,
*means shared with Sumatra only and **means shared with Peninsular Malaysia only. The suggested habitat preference is bracketed if based on less than five specimens.


Bhima borneana sp. n. Endemic. Lowland, lower montane.
Metanastria gemella Lajonquière. Sundaland, S. China, Lowland.
Lebeda cognata Grunberg. Sundaland. Lowland.
Lebeda brauni Lajonquière. Sundaland. (Upper montane).
Lebeda pruetti sp. n. Endemic. (Lowland).
Lebeda intermedia sp. n. Sundaland. (Lowland).
Paralebeda lucifuga Swinhoe. Sundaland. Lowland.
Paralebeda uniformis Holloway. Sundaland. Lowland.
Streblote helpsi
sp. n. Endemic. Coastal.
Suana concolor Walker. Oriental tropics to Java, Philippines. Lowlands.
Suana sundana sp. n. Sundaland. Lowland to upper montane.
Lajonquierea mediofasciata Grunberg. Endemic. Lower to upper montane, (lowland
Lajonquierea derunoides sp. n. Endemic. Lower to upper montane forest.
Lajonquierea variabile sp. n. Endemic. Lowland.
Lajonquierea piccoloptera sp. n. Endemic. Lowland.
Lajonquierea jermyi sp. n. Endemic. (Montane).
Kunugia basimacula Walker. Endemic. Lowland.
Kunugia rectifascia Holloway. Endemic. Upper montane.
Kunugia leucopicta Tams. Sundaland. (Lower to upper montane).
Kunugia suanoides
sp. n. Sundaland. Lowland to (upper montane).
Kunugia austroplacida sp. n. Sundaland. Lowland to (upper montane).
Kunugia ferox
sp. n. Sundaland
*. Lowland.
Kunugia gynandra
Swinhoe. Sundaland. Lowland to (upper montane).
Kunugia quadrilineata
sp. n. Sundaland. Lowland to (upper montane).
Kunugia basinigra
Roepke. Sundaland. Upper montane.
Kunugia drakei sp. n. Sundaland. Lowland to (upper montane).
Takanea diehli Lajonquière. Sundaland. Lowland.
Arguda rectilinea
Hampson. Burma, Sundaland. Lowland.
Arguda insulindiana
Lajonquière. Sundaland. Lowland, upper montane.
Arguda rosemariae
sp. n.. Sundaland
*. (Lowland).
Arguda albiscutulata Lajonquière. Sundaland
*. (Lowland).
Radhica holoxantha Grunberg. Sundaland
*. Lowland, (lower montane).
Radhica elisabethae
Lajonquière. Sundaland. Lowland to upper montane.
Radhica himerta Swinhoe. Sundaland. Lowland.
Syrastrena sumatrana Tams. Sundaland, China. (Lowland), lower and upper montane.
Syrastrena lanaoensis Tams. Mindanao, Sundaland.
* Lowland.
Syrastrena tamsi Holloway. Borneo, Sumatra, Java, Bali. (Lowland).
Hallicarnia albipectus
Walker. N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland. Lowland to lower montane forest.
Odonestis erectilinea
Swinhoe. Sundaland. Lowland.

Odonestis lipara
Tams. Endemic. Upper montane.
Odonestis vita
Moore. Indian Subregion to Sundaland, Philippines. (Lowland).
Odonestis angulata Grunberg. Sundaland. Lowland.
Odontocraspis hasora Swinhoe. N.E. Himalaya to Sundaland. (Montane).
Chonopla tecta Lajonquière. Sundaland. (Lowland).
Alompra roepkei
Tams. N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland. (Lowland to upper montane).
Alompra ferruginea Moore. N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland
*, Mindanao. (Lowland).
Trabala irrorata Moore. Sundaland. Lowland.
Trabala krishna Roepke. Sundaland. Lowland.
Trabala viridana Joicey & Talbot. Sundaland. Lowland, (upper montane).
Trabala ganesha
Roepke. Sundaland. Lowland.
Trabala shiva Roepke. Sundaland, ( ). Lowland.
Trabala pallida
Walker. Sundaland, S.E. China. Lowland to upper montane.
Trabala hantu Roepke. Sundaland
*. (Upper montane).
Trabala garuda Roepke. Sundaland
* (Upper montane).
Trabala gautama Roepke. Sundaland. (Upper montane).
Trabala rotundapex Holloway. Endemic. Upper montane.
Trabala bouraq sp. n. Endemic (Montane).
Gastropacha leopoldi Tams. Sundaland. Lowland to upper montane.
Paradoxopla cardinalis Holloway. Endemic. (Upper montane).
Micropacha roepkei sp. n. Sundaland
**. Lowland.
Euthrix laeta Walker. Oriental tropics to Sundaland. Lowland.
Euthrix sp. Borneo. (Montane).

EUPTEROTIDAE (15 species)

Eupterote multiarcuata Holloway. Sundaland. Lowland.
Eupterote naessigi sp. n. Sundaland. Lowland.
Eupterote obsoleta Talbot. Endemic. (Lowland).
Eupterote niassana Rothschild. Sundaland. Upper montane.
Eupterote asclepiades
Felder. Sundaland. Lowland.
Eupterote muluana
sp. n. Endemic. (Upper montane).
Eupterote harmani
sp. n. Endemic. (Lowland, upper montane).
Ganisa plana Walker. Oriental tropics to Sundaland. (Lowland; upper montane (2 races)).
Ganisa similis Moore. Himalaya to Sundaland. (Lowland, lower montane).
Pseudojana perspicuifascia Rothschild. Sundaland. Lowland.
Pseudojana obscura
sp. n. Sundaland
**. (Lowland).
Melanothrix nymphaliaria Walker. Sundaland. Lowland to (upper montane).
Melanothrix latevittata Grunberg. Endemic. Upper montane.
Melanothrix fumosa
Swinhoe. Endemic. Habitat uncertain.
Melanothrix alternans Pagenstecher. Borneo, Palawan. Lowland.

BOMBYCIDAE (15 species)

Bombyx incomposita van Eecke. Sundaland. (Lowland, lower montane).
Gunda ochracea
Walker. Oriental tropics to Sundaland. Lowland.
Gunda javanica
Moore. N.E. Himalaya to Sundaland. Lowland.
Gunda subnotata Walker. Sundaland, Palawan. Habitat uncertain.
Ocinara albicollis
Walker. Oriental tropics to Sundaland. (Lowland), lower and upper montane.
Ocinara bifurcula
Dierl. Sundaland. Lowland (to upper montane).
Ocinara albiceps Walker. Sundaland. Lowland (lower montane).
Trilocha friedeli
Dierl. S.E. Asia, Sundaland**. (Lowland, lower montane).
Penicillifera apicalis
Walker. N.E. Himalaya to Sundaland, Philippines. Lowland to upper montane
Penicillifera purpurascens
Holloway. Endemic. (Upper montane).
Ernolatia lida
Moore. Sundaland, Sulawesi Lowland.
Ernolatia moorei Hutton. Indian subregion, S. China, Borneo. Upper montane
Mustilia dierli sp. n. Sundaland. Lowland to upper montane.
Andraca apodecta Swinhoe. Sundaland*. Lower to upper montane.
Prismosticta tiretta Swinhoe. Sundaland. (Lowland).

BRAHMAEIDAE (1 species)

Brahmaea hearseyi White. Himalaya to Sundaland, Philippines. (Lowland to lower montane).

SATURNIIDAE (22 species)

Actias selene Hubner. Oriental tropics to Sundaland. (Lowland).
Actias maenas Doubleday. Oriental tropics to Sulawesi, Flores, S. Moluccas. (Lowland).
Antheraea helferi Moore. N.E. Himalaya Sundaland, lowland, (upper montane).
Antheraea diehli Lemaire. Sundaland. Lowland.
Antheraea larissa Westwood. Sundaland. Lowland.
Antheraea assamensis Helfer. India to Sundaland. (Lowland).
Antheraea jana Stoll. Burma, Sundaland. Lowland.
Antheraea korintjiana Bouvier. Sundaland. (Upper montane).
Antheraea celebensis
Watson. Sundaland, Sulawesi. Lowland to upper montane.
Antheraea moultoni Watson. Endemic. Lowland, mostly mangrove.
Antheraea alleni sp. n. Endemic. Upper montane, (lowland kerangas).
Antheraea brunei Allen & Holloway. Mangrove.
Antheraea rosieri
Toxopeus. Sundaland. Lowland, (upper montane).
Loepa sikkima Moore. N.E. Himalaya. Sundaland. (Lowland).
Loepa megacore
Jordan. Sundaland. (Lowland), upper montane.
Lemaireia loepoides
Butler. Sundaland. Lowland (to upper montane).
Cricula trifenestrata Helfer. Oriental tropics to Sulawesi. Lowland to upper montane.
Cricula bornea Watson. Endemic. (Lowland).
Cricula elaezia Jordan. Sundaland, Buru. (Lowland).
Attacus atlas Linnaeus. Oriental tropics to Sundaland. Lowland to upper montane.
Archaeoattacus staudingeri Rothschild. Sundaland. (Lowland).
Samia tetrica Rebel. Sundaland
**. Lowland, (upper montane).

SPHINGIDAE (94 species)

Agrius convolvuli Linnaeus. Old world tropics and subtropics. Lowland open habitats; montane (hill-topping?). 
Megacorma obliqua Walker. Indo-Australian tropics. Lowlands; montane (hill-topping?).

Acherontia lachesis
Fabricius. Oriental Region, Moluccas. Lowlands to montane.
Acherontia styx
Westwood. Oriental Region, Moluccas. (Lower montane agricultural).
Meganoton analis
Felder. N.E. Himalaya, Taiwan, Sundaland. (Lowland to montane). 
Meganoton nyctiphanes
Walker. Indian Subregion to Sundaland. (Lowland forest). 
Meganoton rufescens
Butler. Indo-Australian tropics. (Lowland). 
Psilogramma menephron
Cramer. Indo-Australian tropics. Lowland to upper montane (hill-topping). 
Dolbina krikkeni
Roesler & Kuppers. Sundaland. (Montane). 
Amplypterus canopus
Cramer. Oriental tropics to Sundaland, Wallacea. Lowland, (montane). 
Ambulyx joiceyi
Clark. Sundaland. (Lowland forest). 
Ambulyx obliterata Rothschild. Sundaland. (Lowland forest). 
Ambulyx substrigilis
Westwood. Indian Subregion to Sundaland. (Lowland to montane).
Ambulyx tattina
Jordan. Sundaland, Philippines (Lowland, montane). 
Ambulyx pryeri
Distant. Sundaland. Lowland to upper montane. 
Ambulyx clavata
Jordan. Sundaland. Lowland, (montane). 
Ambulyx canescens Walker. S.E. Asia, Sundaland, Philippines. Lowland to upper montane.
Ambulyx subocellata Felder. Oriental tropics to Sundaland. Lowland to upper montane. 
Clanis bilineata Walker. Oriental tropics and subtropics to Sundaland. (Lowland forest). 
Clanis stenosema
Rothschild & Jordan. Sundaland. (Lowland forest). 
Marumba cristat
Butler. N.E. Himalaya to Sundaland. (Lowland forest). 
Marumba sperchius
Menetries. N. India to Korea; Sundaland*. (Lowland, upper montane). 
Marumba juvencus
Rothschild & Jordan. Sundaland. Lowland, (lower montane). 
Marumba tigrina
Gehlen. Sundaland. (Lowland). 
Marumba dyras
Walker. Oriental tropics to Sundaland, Lesser Sundas. (Coastal).
Marumba spectabilis Butler. Himalaya to Taiwan, Sundaland, Sulawesi. (Montane). 
Daphnusa ocellaris
Walker. N. India to Sundaland, Wallacea. Lowland forest, (to upper montane). 
Cypa decolor Walker. Burma to New Guinea. Lowland to upper montane.

Smerinthulus terranea
Butler. Sundaland. (Lowland to lower montane). 
Smerinthulus diehli
Hayes. Sundaland. (Lowland, lower montane). 
Smerinthulus quadripunctatus
Huwe. Sundaland. (Lowland, upper montane).
Degmaptera olivacea
Rothschild. Sundaland**. (Lower montane). 
Callambulyx rubricosa
Walker. N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland. Lowland forest. 
Sataspes infernalis
Westwood. India, W. China, Burma, Borneo. (Lowland).
Cephonodes picus
Cramer. Indo-Australian tropics. (Coastal areas, open habitats). 
Gnathothlibus erotus
Cramer. Indo-Australian tropics, Polynesia. (Lowland to upper montane). 
Daphnis hypothous
Cramer. Indo-Australian tropics, Lowland to upper montane. 
Daphnis placida
Walker. Sundaland to New Caledonia. (Upper montane). 
Elibia dolichus
Westwood. N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland. Lowland. 
Acosmeryx anceus
Stoll. Indo-Australian tropics. Lowland, mainly disturbed habitats. 
Acosmeryx shervillii
Boisduval. Indian Subregion, Sundaland. Lowland (to upper montane). 
Gehlenia falcata
Hayes. Sundaland. (Lower to upper montane). 
Panacra busiris
Walker. N.E. Himalaya to Sundaland. (Lowland). 
Panacra variolosa
Walker. N.E. Himalaya to Sundaland. (Lowland). 
Panacra psaltria
Jordan. Endemic. (Lowland, lower montane). 
Panacra dohertyi
Rothschild. Sundaland. Lowlands (to open habitats, lower montane). 
Panacra automedon
Walker. N.E. Himalaya to Sundaland. (Lowland?).
Panacra malayana
Rothschild & Jordan. Sundaland. (Lowland). 
Panacra mydon
Walker. Oriental tropics to Wallacea and Sumba. (Lowland). 
Angonyx testacea
Walker. Indo-Australian tropics. (Lowland to upper montane). 
Enpinanga vigens
Butler. Sundaland. Lowland forest. 
Enpinanga borneensis Butler. Sundaland. Lowland forest. 
Eurypteryx bhaga
Moore. N.E. Himalaya, Sundaland, Sulawesi. Lowland (to upper montane). 
Eurypteryx shelfordi Rothschild & Jordan. Sundaland*. (Lowland). 
Eurypteryx falcata
Gehlen. New Guinea; Sundaland*. (Lowland to lower montane). 
Giganteopalpus mirabilis
Rothschild. Sundaland. (Lowland, upper montane). 
Macroglossum lepidum
Rothschild & Jordan. Nias, Borneo. (Lowland limestone forest). 
Macroglossum fritzei
Rothschild & Jordan. China, Riu Kiu Is., Borneo. (Lowland to upper montane). 
Macroglossum passalus Drury. Japan, Oriental tropics to Sundaland. (Lower and upper montane)
Macroglossum faro
Cramer. Oriental tropics to Sundaland. (Lowland forest).

Macroglossum mitchelli
Menetries. Oriental tropics to Sundaland. (Lowland, upper montane.)
Macroglossum multifascia Rothschild & Jordan. Sundaland. (Lowland). 

Macroglossum prometheus
Boisduval. Indo-Australian tropics. (Coastal). 
Macroglossum mediovitta
Rothschild & Jordan. Japan, Sundaland, ?Sulawesi. (Coastal). 
Macroglossum corythus Walker. Indo-Australian tropics. (Upper montane)
Macroglossum sylvia
Boisduval. Sundaland to New Guinea. (Lowland).
Macroglossum semifasciata Hampson. Burma to Sundaland. (Lowland). 
Macroglossum hemichroma Butler. N.E. Himalaya to Sundaland, Philippines. (Lowland). 
Macroglossum aquila
Boisduval. N.E. Himalaya to Sundaland, Philippines. (Lowland forest). 
Macroglossum variegatum
Rothschild & Jordan. Oriental tropics to Sundaland. (Lowland). 
Macroglossum heliophila
Biosduval. Indo-Australian tropics. (Lowland to upper montane). 
Macroglossum insipida
Butler. Indo-Australian tropics. (Lowland). 
Macroglossum pseudungues
sp. n. Endemic. (Lowland, upper montane).
Macroglossum gyrans
Walker. Indo-Australian tropics. (Lowland to upper montane). 
Hippotion velox
Fabricius. Old world tropics and subtopics. Lowland open habitats (to upper montane). 

Hippotion celerio
Linnaeus. Old world tropics and subtropics. Lowland open habitats (to upper montane). 
Hippotion echeclus
Boisduval. Oriental tropics. Lowland open habitats. 
Hippotion boerhaviae Fabricius. Indo-Australian tropics. (Lower montane open habitats). 
Hippotion rosetta
Swinhoe. Indo-Australian tropics. Lowland open habitats( to upper montane). 
Theretra nessus Drury. Indo-Australian tropics. (Lowlands to upper montane). 
Theretra boisduvali Bugnion. S.W. Asia to Sundaland and Lesser Sundas. (Lowland to upper montane).
Theretra rhesus
Boisduval. Sundaland to Solomons. (Lowland to lower montane).
Theretra clotho
Drury. Indo-Australian tropics. Lowland. 
Theretra latreillei MacLeay. Indo-Australian tropics. Lowland. 
Theretra alecto
Linnaeus. S.W. Asia to Japan, Sulawesi and Kei. Lowlands, cultivated areas. 
Theretra suffusa
Walker. Japan, Oriental tropics to Sundaland. Open lowland habitats. 
Theretra oldenlandiae
Fabricius. Indo-Australian tropics and subtropics. Open lowland habitat
Theretra silhetensis
Boisduval. Indo-Australian tropics. Open lowland habitats. 

Rhyncholaba acteus
Cramer. Oriental tropics and subtropics, Moluccas. Open lowland habitats.
Rhagastis castor Walker. N.E. Himalaya to Sundaland. (Upper montane).
Rhagastis albomarginatus
Rothschild. N.E. Himalaya to Taiwan and Sundaland. (? Montane) 
Rhagastis rubetra Rothschild & Jordan. Sundaland. (Lowland forest)
Cechenena lineosa Walker.
N. India to Taiwan and Sundaland. Lowlands to upper montane, forested habitats.
Cechenena helops Walker. Indo-Australian tropics. Lowlands to upper montane.
Cechenena aegrota
Butler. N. India to Sundaland. Lowlands (to upper montane).


Kenguichardia orbus sp. n. Endemic. (Lowland forest).

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